Saturday, November 29, 2008

GRAFWURKS x Carlos Don Juan

Aight, here is a great article about an awesome artist and great dude. The article is done up by my homie over @ GRAFWURKS, MANDOe....WHAT UP FAM?! The artist that is being interviewed is Carlos Don Juan founder of the Sour Grapes Crew outta D-Town Tejas. This dude along w/the Sour Grapes Crew and Grafwurks are making Dallas the joint in TX, fa real! What up Carlos Don Juan, be blessed mangx...You doin great things and keep full steam ahead!

Okay enough with my jibber, jabber.....

Have there been any obstacles that you feel that you’ve had to work your way around to reach the point where you’re at now?

Carlos Donjuan:
Well growing up I saw many of my friends beaten down, locked up and even killed. Its unfortunate that some of us have to grow up in environment like that and its like this for too many of us. Thankfully I had my crew and we got through a lot of this madness together. As an individual, one of the constant battles that I face in both the university and art world is people judging me for my appearance. I will show up to a meeting or art show wearing some Jordans and a rocking a New Era and people automatically think I am some trouble maker. A lot of people don’t even believe that I am a graduate student, even the Latinos. When people unfairly judge me like that, they just make me want to work harder. I get even by getting my education, winning art competitions, having art shows and just being successful in completing my goals. In the e nd, I will be everything that they thought I couldn’t be."

For more of the article click on the LINK at the top and peep Carlos out.

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