Thursday, November 13, 2008

.... S C I F E N ....

Scifen is a concept based clothing company. Our concept is based on the derivation of our name, which comes from the combination of two words; SCIENCE and INFINITE. Science is defined as, "The state or fact of knowing; knowledge," and infinite is defined as "Endless." The Scifen elephant is a metaphor for human society and directly reflects the consequences of today’s social structure.

I have been a true supporter of the fam from SCIFEN for a minute now. These dudes are great people and have a great vision. SCIFEN is trying to bring true hip hop to the folks best way possible. SCIFEN is bringing hip hop culture to the masses in a number of ways. You have EWOK5mh from the East Coast. EWOK is the co-founder and artistic director for SCIFEN. Been a fan of E's work for years upon years. Great to see EWOK5mh doing it big and only getting better and better. Other graff artist support the fam such as COPE2, SAKE, GHOST etc... Then you have Yak Ballz which is the musical flagship artist. If you have not heard YAK, ya'll betta ask some body! Blessed with one of the most charmingly confident and unique flows on the planet, Manhattan-born, Queens-raised MC Yak Ballz is poised to show that he's more than just a product of the late ‘90s independent boom, a legitimate mic talent that can sit proudly with the kings of his native jungle. Other artist are part of the team and support such as Prince Ali, Jedi Mind Tricks, Slow Suicide Stimulus, the Desruments, Planet Asia, Strong ARM Steady, Pumpkinhead, BROOKLYN Academy and others that span the globe we call Earth. Then you have the b-boy support system. Biggest piece is SKILL METHODZ. B-boys such as EWOK5mh, TekNYC, Flea ROCK, 1st Noel and others. Go out and support these dudes. Support real hp hop!

Owner/Founder of SCIFEN

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