Sunday, December 21, 2008


A-Town, Austin!

Love Stinks Alleycat
Feb. 15th (thats a Sunday!)
Registration is at 4pm
Race at 4:30 pm
Entry fee: Well, not really an entry as it is a donation to help charitable organizations around Austin...
Its going to be TWO canned foods (which will be donated to the City of Austin Food Bank) and $5 (which will be donated IN CASH to Yellow Bike Project)
What you need: You'll need your bag or something to carry luggage, an iron stomach, a bike and a have fun, POSI attitude!
Come on, its a race but you gotta have fun!!!
Oh, and helmets are STRONGLY encouraged... skid lids make you look cool. I mean, look at me!

I'm still working out the prizes (if everything goes as planned, it'll be along the lines of custom luggage and something gold) and sponsors. But any new info will be posted here!

Usually I don't give this much notice for races (usually its week of haha) but I want this to have a good turn out, not for me but so we can raise more food and money.
So ask off of work NOW!

If you guys have any questions or want any more info please contact Chris at:

H-Town, Screwston, Home of da Purp....

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