Sunday, January 4, 2009


Okay, I do read HYPEBEAST from time to time and I so happen to stumble across a thread named "YOUR ESSENTIALS". This thread got me going for some odd reason. If you also go to Flickr and type the word "BAG" in the search bar it will take you to and display a slew of folks bags w/stuff. All types of stuff, pretty interesting to see what some folks carry. Anyhow....Heres my ish:

Bag: Novara Messenger
On top of bag:Black watch cap, M-Pac 2 Gloves
Bottle water, U-Lock, Bell Bicycle multi-tool, keys, phone case, cell phone
Gatorade powder pack, gum, lip balm, presta valve, camera, pen, pencil, marker, light (custom!), knife, DG Stickers, Scifen label
IronlaK key thingie, sunglasses, TREK lights, skull candy case, roll of velcro, old school iPOD nano, skull candy earbuds
Wallet, and West Village Bicycle stickers


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