Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gno Brand

Gno Brand is a fairly new and indiependent owned produced brand out of LA, Califas. Gn is bringing fresh new ideas to the street wear scene per say. The ideas are taking what is going on and around them in real world life, from the Gno perspective. Not to mention I like the hip hop influenced T's (Del is my fav just for future ref), look for your self below....


An illustration based on the classic "I Used to Love H.E.R." by Common. In the song, Common makes an analogy comparing the degradation of a woman with the deterioration of hip hop music after its commercial success forced it into the mainstream.


Big ups dudes, stay crushin! You guys doing great things!

Heres the info straight from the horses mouth!

Gno aims to stand out in a market saturated with substance-lacking designs. Incorporating a message and theme into every piece of artwork, Gno strives to stay consistent and deliver a truly artistic product from beginning to end.


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