Thursday, January 8, 2009


Check these dope cycling hats out! Of course these things were constructed in Europe w/major Japanese influence. You be the judge :)

I present to you all QuKa!

These pieces were created by hand straight outta Basque Country.....Donostia to be exact! These dudes have a great heart and a love for cycling. Big ups dudes! Great work!

Check these Keirin inspired cycling hats! SICK!

Here is a little insight to the process behind such great products as these. I think these are some of the most original hats I have seen constructed in a long while other than New Era and the steady rollin SCIFEN fam!

The Keirin caps above are roughly $20 USD and can be purchased directly from their site. The site can be navigated to directly from the TITLE up above. Titled ...QuKa..., just click and it will re-direct. If you choose just to cut/paste heres the link,

Keep watch on these dudes, have some ILL ideas in the works. Stay tuned!

Peace, and happy cycling!

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