Wednesday, March 25, 2009

COLORADO FIXXED (Its coming...)

Okay, I have been waiting to get this design out. You have probably seen it before on here of different forums but heres another look w/slight changes for your viewing pleasure....

There has been a frequent Q asked. "Why FIXXED not FIXED?" Well the layout of the design would have looked a little shody for my tastes seeing that the text would not have fit right in that place. So I threw in another "X".

I am going to try my hardest to get these printed ASAP! The shirts will be white for now, on good quality bases. I am going to get these done for a great price, only downside is the quantity. The shirts will be going for $10 flat. I can ship for an additional charge. If interested in a shirt or 2 holla @ me! for any details.

I will be fundraising for the completion of this project. Keep in mind that the sale of these will in no way turn any profit. Funds will be strictly for all set up, burn, print fees.

PEACE and I hope this may bring some riders out of the wood work to unify the ROCKIE fixed gear heads. Lets do this!

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