Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally.....Colorado, nice.

I have been blessed w.the opportunity to paint out here in Colorado. FINALLY! Man I've been waiting for this for a minute, ever since I got here. Someone finally came through, thanks Rich. Peep the new "KANYE", fa real "YEEZY"! The real beast!

I had a blast. Again I have been waiting to paint for a while now. The weather here while painting was a bangin nice! Not saying the hot, humidity of San Anto or Austin was wack...just nicer here. But I can tell you this. Its deffinetly not the same painting w/out the fam. Big ups boys "Lifers Crew" and the familia "Cut Throat Steeloz". Bringing that Tejas steelo to the Rockies ya'll!

Peep them STUNA SHADES!.....LoL!
Cold Taxin Suckaz X Los Chilones

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