Saturday, March 14, 2009

MISHKA @ 350 Broadway

MISHKA, bear cub. These dudes have been bring an aunslaught of great designs that are out of left field per say. Being off the charts w/composition or ideas, concepts is good in my opinion. Its hard to look at MISHKA and start to compare w/other street wear brands and what not. Its unfortunate that so many heads do the whole comparison thing. Here are a few shots from PROLLY and the 350 shop in Brooklyn.

Anyhow, lookie here:

Keep Watch

Bear Cub

you can link to MISHKA from the title of this post at the top and look around and shop 24/7 online. Go to the shop and scoop up all the new kit Greg and the fam put out this season. Looking dope thus far.

350 Broadway
Brooklyn NY 11211

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