Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have been blessed w/the opportunity to work w/my man BLURBLE our of sunny Arizona on a sticker pack project. These are bangin sticker templates to work on thanks SKAE. The concept of these for my half of the stickers was Gun Crazed Kids from Blitz an old, old, old punk band from wayyy back. The last one was my fav to work on. It is the "Kanye WHO?" sticker. I have been seeing this dude kanye West around like crazy in the street wear game and the whole Nike YEZZY's that were currently released so....I did this....Peep the stunna shades...Look familiar?

Here is the current set:

QBArawkwell x Blurble "Gun Crazed Kidz"

QBArawkwell x Blurble "Shifting Gears...Blahhhh..."

QBArawkwell (Bottom) x Blurble (Top) "Kanye WHO??"

Peace ya'll! Big ups Blurble!

I am available for custom work as well. Contact through here or QBArawk@GMAIL.com.

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