Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pieced Together 09/El Paso Tejas

Over the past week my family and I took a last minute trip to El Paso known to some as Chuco Town. Well while driving I got an e-mail from a dear buddy of mine reading.... "I'm going to be in El Paso guey!" Well we arrived late then hit the sack. The following day I got up and did some riding, some eating, some riding, some hookityhooks etc. The following day my boy SPIK texted and it was......ON!

On Friday was the opening night of the show at the SILO Yard. Those that have hit it know its a grand place to paint and share similar and different views on graffiti art etc. The show was put on by none other than my boy SLOKE from Austin Texas. Great dude awesome story and a sick artist! Sloke if you are reading, big ups mangx and its always a pleasure to chill and paint together! On the El Paso coordination end its the man, the myth the legend from the Southwest GRAVE. Also another sick artist and pioneer. Homie got me started in the late 80's!

Here is a list of some of the artists that were in attendance:
Enough talking here are some recaps and pics of the artists that participated and made it a great event!

Thanks for the panos CENS1.....

Los Cochinos Tejas Style

Los Cochinos Tejas Style

(Orange, doin work)






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