Sunday, November 29, 2009


Here are a few shots I have taken while out....
Please PEEP:

The DEVIL'd Egg! I was never really a fan of these until...well, I made them:) I like them alot now, I found out what makes them and what makes them good for my taste buds.... The left over stuff is a dope spread for sandwiches to boot!

The day after Thanksgiving is always an interesting one. I feel guilty after all the food intake and want to get out and attempt, yes attempt to shed. This time we journeyed to Manitou Springs for a stroll on the streets. Amazingly enough it was quite packed. Here is a shot that captivated my heart.

Gotta get dat...gotta get dat, dat, dat, dat....

Here is a shot of the saddleon the Tommaso. I had a black one then my homie Lucas hooked a ninja up w/this banger.... It looked in fair shape upon arrival until.... well I fell, don't laugh! Under the saddle lye a MISHKA "Bear Mop" sticker that the clan from the Death Adder's themselves sent me a while back. I love their nostalgic look and the creativity that is put into the brand. Anyway, this is just as comfortable as my black one just looks nicer w/the colorway on the sled. Thanks Lucas, let's shred!

Lastly my sled. Liked the color difference here. So BAM!

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