Wednesday, October 20, 2010

le Murder Of Couriers

Here are a few teasers for a near, near future film named Murder Of Couriers. I was recently turned on to this film to be by an anonymous person. I have researched it and have been awe struck by the shear raw elements of life itself. It depicts (thus far) what a courier is about. Having a profession as such is so much more than a 9-5'er. Its a lifestyle, a lifestyle w/a culture around it.

"A film documenting Vancouver courier culture."
-A film by Neil Brill and Tom Macleod
--Premiering fall 2010

So take a second to ask yourself, self are you happy doing what you are doing? Would you rather be window washing, doing construction? The danger is there in many different professions but.......are YOU happy?

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Edward said...

What makes that room sparkle is the window washing you have done once or twice a week. It’s what illuminates the room and gives the view the extra kick it needs.