Thursday, October 28, 2010

Personal Velocity

I saw this teaser on Prolly's page and man its just so inspiring for me to get my arse in the saddle as much as I possibly can! The short clip has such overwhelming cinematography and the words are heart felt.....I am mad anxious to peep the full 26 minute film! Here is just a minute or so....

Personal Velocity Teaser from Jon Vatne on Vimeo.

Personal Velocity is a documentary (26 minutes) about biking in New York City produced in 2010.

"Riding a bicycle is more than just pedaling — Personal Velocity lets us into the minds of two young urban riders as they weave their bikes through the frantic and unforgiving streets of New York City. Chris’ greatest passion is racing alley cats — underground bike races through the city’s hectic traffic. Bryan rides his bike at a different velocity — he knows far too well what might lie around the next corner.

Personal Velocity portrays the beauties and the dangers of riding. It lets you experience chasing the perfect high and facing the ultimate low and what it means to keep pedaling."

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