Friday, December 3, 2010

Geekhouse loves Chachi

I have long followed Geekhouse and their amazing builds. I have always thought of them as a flawless build. I had heard through the grape vine per say that they had been working on a ROCKCITY build for Chachi. Now don't get it twisted, I don't know this cat....

What an eye! Heather has really inspired me to push myself in the photography area. Thanks Heather and the work is amazing!

--"Geekhouse Loves Chachi! This build features the perfect amount of flamboyant. Featuring another worldly color scheme and a host of add-ons including curved seat tube, integrated headset, ISP, and two braze ons, the list keeps going.

Again, we recruited Heather McGrath to document the complete build. Thanks Heather!"

This is SICK! Circle A did a bang up job on that fade! This will really catch some eyes, no doubt!

Contact info for Geekhouse and photographer Heather McGrath:

Geekhouse Bikes
15 West Sorrento St
Boston, Ma. 02134

General Inquiries:
Web Master:
Marty Walsh:


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