Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crank Arm Steady-SPRINT!!

Cool video put on by the crew of Crank Arm Steady from Singapore! These cats never seem to put out or up any wackness which is a good thing. I do remember my days visiting good'ol Singapore. The fist time out there did suck. Had a flu, flew for days straight and crazy jet lag! Once we checked into the hotel there which was nothing less than amazing we all hit the sack for a few to regain our bearings. Then met up and wanted grub ASAP! It sucked. HOOTERS, com'on! Anyway, lets just say the following trips were way better!

Back on track:

"Our ride started earlier today at 5:30am from Punggol MRT Station with some 18 riders joining us in our sunrise ride and the very first sprint race on fixed gear. We did a looping route via Seletar Dam and then back to Punggol end to witness the sunrise before heading for breakfast in Sengkang.

Later we got back to the 600m stretch of freshly built road, closed from public use to start our sprint race. A total of 12 participating riders aging from as young as 15 years of age and above took their turns in pairs over round-robin to determine the final 3.

Sunrise & Sprints from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Idris Muhammad for bagging first place in the first sprint race. Spend wisely!

A big thank you to PEONFX, RDFC, participating sprinters and everyone in attendace earlier today.

Here’s a little video edit for today’s sprint race brought to you by yours truly. See you on the next one!"

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