Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome the NEW YEAR 2011

Quite a few things going on and its the beginning of a New Year. Hello 2011. A few shots from this past year and moving into the NEW!

-The new ventricle on my heart. She is why I am living and doing the things I do day in and day out....I love you Milkies!

-2 very important elements of my life. Love these guys, I miss them everyday I am not there.

-The new addition to the sled family. The Tommaso DIGGER Track. I like this ride a lot but I do have some changes in mind. Some Velocity B43's in Blk or Gld a quil and some classic track drops..... Thus far.

-Nuff said.

-Taken at Pedroza's in Chuco town over the Christmas holidays....

Thank the Father, Son and Holy Spirit AMEN.

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