Friday, February 11, 2011

Keirin .VS. DVS

Been a minute! Have been anticipating these to drop since I first laid eyeballs on them! PEEP!

These are slick man! Sleek lookin, easy lines not a lot of unecessary stuff on them and they are not hella bulky. Peep the link either through the title of this post of simply cut and paste the link provided below.


"Keirin is the spirit of Japanese professional cycling. Dating back to the 1940’s, Keirin began as a betting track race in which six to nine riders go head to head in a timed sprint. Like a horserace, each contender is assigned a number and a color; giving each race a unique color palate. in the Keirin tradition, DVS produced a line of convicts in 9 exclusive colors— mimicking those used on the tracks of Japan."

These are ILL!

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