Friday, July 29, 2011

Masta Ace and others on ATCQ's "Beats Rhymes and Life"

A few weeks my fam and I were looking at movies and upcoming films. My wife being the true die hard Tribe fan she is was like YO! ATCQ has a movie coming out named "Beats Rhymes & Life-The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest." We were both stoked but the fact that we now live in a place that is culture and color of life deprived we do NOT get t here. In Denver, is that surprising. Should NOT be! Saw ATCQ in Califas a few years back on the Rock the Bells Tour......UH-MAZING! I'll get some personal photos up a bit later.

PEEP: Presents: Roundin' Out A Tribe Called Quest Part 1 from SevenEighteenMedia on Vimeo.

Anyhow, the controversial new documentary about legendary Hip Hop group A Tribe Called Quest entitled Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest is set to premier in front of audiences this summer. The film’s director, actor Michael Rapaport, has chosen to roll the film out in a road-show format, according to This means the movie will hit different cities across the country throughout the summer.

Watching the video and listening to Ace it was pretty cool to learn how he was turned on to Tribe. I was actually the same exact way, Left My Wallet was the beginning for me and Tribe. Man I remember hearing it and then seeing the video I was buggin out!

Who can forget another banger!

Please go out and support and get educated if you dont know. A Tribe Called Quest will remain a staple in Hip Hop for life in my eyes. Thanks fellas for all you have done and hopefully will do in the near future.....


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