Thursday, December 11, 2008

BROAKLAND Bicycles (Oakland, NOR-CAL)

I have been looking at these dudes bicycles for a minute. Always coming correct, no doubt that fa sho. These troops over at Broakland are true to what they do will stand behind their products FIRM! I have heard nothing but the best of things about the sleds produced at the joint which leads me to believe that doing tricks like a madman or just hauling arsticles on the streets or track these beauties gotta hold weight.

What's BROAKLAND you may ask. Well here is the jist of it:
"Broakland is a bicycle company dedicated to producing 100% Handmade track bike frames and forks. We are located in Oakland California, that's the East-Bay all the way tip and home to some of the roughest and toughest (fixxie riders being no acception). We all ride, we ride hard, we like bombing hills, bar spins, wheelies, running our clobber into walls, surfing traffic, bike polo, racing at the Velodrome (shout out to Hell Track: Helleyer Velodrome in San Jose) and of-coarse, ridding our bikes everyday as the best transportation known to man.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Broakland bikes pulled their design and geometry numbers through a decade of riding fixed. We looked at designs and noted characteristics from not only certain brands, but the styles embedded in racing cultures and their place in history. What did we like about certain bikes and why? It became an obsession - - fork rake, offset, bb drop, head angles and seat angles have been sweated over and chosen through R&D, through testing - feed back and re-testing. What we ended up with is a bike that is stiff, lite, responsive, stable, and smooth. Not a 5 pound Keirin bike, not a low BB'd Italian, a Broakland is the combination of what we liked and how we liked it. In the end, we're just riders like you and we made something that we would like to ride every day - in all circumstances."


Homies have a full size chart and a how to on their MYspizzle page. "
You can mail us your #'rs on myspace or mail to or fax to 510.654.8359 - - please provide us with contact info and we will get back to you on suggested size and or schedual you for a full fit here at our shop if you are in the Oakland area."

Here's a little more extra info to make it easier to purchase and build a sled w/the fellas over @ BROAKLAND on Oaktown.
traditional track bike known for its sharp handling and acceleration - high bb keeps pedals and you off the ground! Custom blend of TrueTemper, Columbus and Dedacciai tubing. With an S3 downtube as a power plant leading into the dedacciai rear end, it has an uncanny ability to dig in and deliver at the exact moment you need it.

The Pipe-Bomb is a triple triangle pursuit style bike that was designed for aggressive street and track riding. With a 650/26" wheel in the front it steeps the geometry to that of the St. Fighter but slackens up just a bit with a 700c in it for stable all around riding and racing. The triple T design is incredibly stiff yet light.

St. Fighter - 1350.00 (Frame and custom Wound-Up fork / one color powder coat - 30 colors - and hand-paint graff logo)
Pipe-Bomb - 1500.00 (Frame and custom Wound-Up fork / one color powder coat - 30 colors - and hand-paint graff logo)

*all frames are 1" head-tube
*fork options - threaded or threadless / drilled or un-drilled for brake
-disc brake option coming soon!
*add $200 custom paint simple and wet with broakland graff.
*Full Custom geometry available @ $350.00 upgrade
*full customs with art work will be evaluated case by case.


Again these troops hold TRUE!

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