Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BUBBLEHEAD Tea (San Anto Tejas)

During our stay in San Antonio we came across a place to chill, meet new peeps, have great conversation, see new family members be introduced, talk about Thailand, enjoy Hookah, have some bangin bubble tea. Before I go on, there is one drink there that you all must try called the "QBArawkwell". Man its dope :) Okay back on track, this is a place to lounge and enjoy coffee, tea, Asian smoothies (Bubble/Boba/Pearl Tea), Snacks, Hookahs (tobacco and herbal), and art! The crew @ Bubblehead is pleased to continually bring to you new and aspiring artist from the city. Giving an outlet to new talent on the come up. The talent ranges from graffiti to fine art and combined. It was an absolute pleasure to work w/these folks there at the joint. They're flagship artist per say is San Antonio's artist on the come up named Justin French. Great cat doing things fa sho! All this is out at 1035 S Presa St., across from Taco Haven in the heart of San Antonio Texas. They also provide free Wi-Fi to customers.

PEEP THE HOMIES @ BUBBLEHEAD TEA in San Antonio Texas when ya'll blow through. Good times and great peeople there fa sho! You'd be amazed at who may pop up there.

Fam, if you are reading this.....We miss you greatly and hope to see you again real soon. Take care and be blessed!


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