Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Heres the randomness for the day..... This sled is a LEADER 735 Track but spelled TaRck. Yes its the way its spelled. This sled is well built and looks amazing. You all watch out for this thing its dope, watch for it in Mililani Town, Hawaii. Thats right the big HI. I am a sucker for brighter things and this bike is just the thing to catch my eye. Peep the picturas:

2009 Leader 735tr
Handlebars and Stem:
Nitto B123AA (purple anodized) / Nitto
Fork and Headset:
Leader I806TR
Front wheel:
HplusSon/PhilWood hub/GranCompe SS
Rear wheel:
HplusSon/Philwood hub /GranCompe SS
Crankset and Bottom bracket:
Sugino Kyoto loco (gunmetal) / Sugino BB
Saddle and Seat Post:
Selle Italia Turbo / Nitto NJSP72 (purple anodized)
Pedals and Chain:
Nashar "look-style" clipless pedals
Cog/Gearing et cetera:
EAI / 46x17

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