Saturday, December 13, 2008


Go over to the link above and peep homies over @ GRAFWURKS rep'n it right nice! Bring you all the latest info around the DFW metroplex area from fashion, art, music and parties.

Heres a little info:
"Grafwurks consists of three members Manny, Peeks & MANDOe; born & raised in the Dallas metropolis. Manny, Peeks & MANDOe share an interest in art & graffiti. Also share the likes of music that ranges from country to house to hip hop to Mexican music to rock to oldies. Manny, Peeks & MANDOe also share their interest in sneakers; their love for sneakers runs as deep as the Trinity River. Both Manny & MANDOe are upcoming graphic artists & print makers & Peeks is a new addition to the Grafwurks team. Peeks is responsible for all and any recorded multimedia as far as pictures and video. Stay up to date as Grafwurks makes their move upon the masses…

Grafwurks Mission Statement
Grafwurks was made with the sole purpose of working with every type of person in every type of genre to create something bigger in better for all parties involved. If you or your team is doing something positive, we want to be a part of it. Grafwurks came from graffiti – artistic origin, but we’re not going to limit ourselves only to graffiti or just to the hip hop culture, due to the fact that graffiti playing a huge role in the hip hop culture. We want to reach out to other genres, to create and positive members of society. We are far from being trendy or in with any particular scene, we like what we like and that’s that! So please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or you want to work together. We are approachable and we want to make ourselves available to anybody. Understand we do have lives and personal matters we need to take care of. But we will make the time to build and hope to create something bigger and better that will benefit all of us! That is why; Grafwurks is Art. Music. Sneakers."

HOLLA Mandoe, stay up homie!

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