Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yogilicious Dallas Texas

I am now back in beautiful Colorado w/my beut wife and my two Pug sausages. I did have an awesome trip to Dallas. Met some great folks went to some great shops and most of all got to play the Wii and and eat some bomb frozen yogurt and of course visit my familia.

While in Dallas had the chance to get out and go UPTOWN BABAY! While Uptown visited a killer shop by the name of West Village Bicycles (Plug for Tommy) and right around the corner there it was.......Yogilicious, say it YOGI-LICIOUS! Its a frozen yogurt joint that is self serve above all else! Dope concept fa sho. I have been blessed w/the opportunity to visit quite a few of these frozen yogurt joints around Califas to Nueva York to Colorado and now....TEXAS! I have to say that YOGILICIOUS located @ 3000 Blackburn Avenue • Stuite 160, Dallas, Texas 75204 right on McKinney Avenue & Blackburn Street is in a class of its own. Great joint heres the ish....

Let's start w/the selection there. Well of course it has the regular choices that you would come across the rest of the frozen yogurt bars but Yogilicious has more.... WAY MORE! They had the regulars and then they had this peanut butter that was on point and the pumpkin....(sigh)jaw drop, good. Not 3, not 6 but 12 flavors to choose from. They had the king of all flavors, at least in my book the TARO! HOLLA! One thing that was really interesting was the selection of fresh Pomegranate, yes FRESH. The selection was very good from dry to fresh fresh fruit goodies. The Fruit was all fresh yo, none of that frozen in a bag let it thaw and then put it out to taste like old frozen ice. It was bombigi! As far as the dry goods it was like a kid in a candy shop, no crap. Really, a fecal ton of selection. Fruity Pebbles! It was bonkers!

Then while you finish paying for your gurt then you can grab a glass of this Pomegranate water they had, refreshing. The set up of the place was again something like I have never seen before. THe space was hella big, those that have been into these types of places know that they are fairly small. You go up a step there and they have more seating and BAM! These dudes have a Wii playing station! Big projector screen up on the wall, had the Rock Band set up going. It was dope, great place to go w/homies to have a chill time prior to a night out or just to chill and discuss biz over some....TARO frozen yogurt..... :)

"Yogilicious now welcomes you to encounter the ultimate experience in our frozen yogurt dessert lounges. An oasis for dessert lovers with a healthy conscience, Yogilicious will elevate your senses through the exquisite taste in our fine frozen yogurt, synchronic sounds in music, and a radiant ambiance that will have you leaving with an experience thinking, "It's simply... the best!"

Bringing to Dallas one of the first and finest self-serve frozen yogurt dessert lounges in the DFW metroplex area, each item can be created to your own precise liking with unsurpassingly fresh and exotic fruit toppings. Healthy, tasteful and with a wide variety to choose from, each cup of frozen yogurt can be indulged in our lounge area for your social appetite. Think positive, eat healthy, live and experience every moment because life is good."

Now the customer service was very good. Homie was mad cool and helping us out w/the bar and trying all the flavors they had. I of course stuck w/Taro. Who would try anything different after trying this flavor? We then got into conversation about where we were from and where my frozen yogurt trials and tribulations started and where my experiences took place. Of course we got on the topic near to my heart known as Califas. I miss it so. Stay up my dude and keep that Taro mixin! Would this joint be on my "to visit" list when Im in D-Town, HELL YES! Okay, so we went around 1:00PM then later in the evening around 9:00PM. It was good what can I say!

If in Dallas go visit homie over @ Yogilicious!

3000 Blackburn Avenue • Stuite 160
Dallas, Texas 75204

Monday - Thursday 11:00AM - 10:00PM
Friday - Saturday 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Sunday - 12:00PM - 10:00PM

(214) 521-7888
On McKinney Avenue & Blackburn Street

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