Sunday, August 7, 2011

EMERGE in Austin Tejas

Austin Tejas get ready! Here is an annual showcase of great artists, killer jams, and just all around great folk surrounding each other. Big ups to Sloke, maybe next year QBA will be on the bill! By the way click on the link above (Title) and it will redirect you to Sloke's page.

Been hearing about this event from homie big SLOKE out in Austin Texas. Its an annual graff art show w/DJ's, MC's and B-Boys. The show is filled w/great artists such as my boy SPIKoli from LC.BY.RTD, SLOKE from CBS, MEZ from HAD, Chemist, Rei, News, Dmise, COLER from out of H-Town and many others. Its a must see showcase of heat.

EMERGE-Annual Graff Art Show
August 27, 2011
Pine Street Station
5th St & Waller St

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