Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out and about:

So over the past few days I have been out and about checking out some new things that I have NOT since our arrival in Colorado. Peeped the Nature and Science Museum in Denver which was really cool. This place too me back to my younger years of wanting to hunt for dinosaur bones and the chemistry or makeup of modern day animals. During that time I fell in love with Elephants. Anyhow, got to wonder around that place for a while and really enjoyed it. I hate to say but the collective that put that place together did absolutely ZERO justice to the Native American History portion. I am normally one for awe while staring at old and new Indian artifacts and well......totem poles. The health and human display was pretty cool and eye opening.

Yesterday had a crappy day due to an illness I contracted temporarily from California Pizza Kitchen. BOO! Better now though. Last night my better half brought home to me a new iPOD Nano! YAY! Last night spent some time loading and syncing the music for future journeys....

Today we have a great day to enjoy. GOing to the house and then off to paint. Thanks FUSE from AWR, WCA.

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